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Nina Mujagic

Dear Rita, Could you please be a little more specific about your question? Premiki are the owners of the “disabled friendly” certificate, which is a product of the EU project Development of tourism offers for people with special needs at the same time, we are an employment center that employs people with special needs. Which means they don’t achieve 100% work results.

Part of the “Disabled friendly” brand is the awarding of a certificate that can be obtained by all providers of tourist services or providers of activities and places for spending free time on the basis of fulfilling the criteria set forth below.
To obtain the “Disabled Friendly” certificate, you must submit the appropriate application. In addition to general information about the applicant, the application contains the criteria necessary to obtain the certificate. When submitting an application, the applicant indicates which conditions he meets. The application is then reviewed by a three-member commission, consisting of an expert worker in the field of social affairs, a representative of workers in tourism and a representative of the disabled or persons with special needs. The commission determines whether the application is complete or whether additions are needed. Within 15 days after the complete submission of the application, a three-member commission checks the fulfillment of the criteria on the ground. Based on the fulfillment of the necessary number of criteria, the expert committee approves or rejects the acquisition of the certificate, and at the same time proposes changes with which the applicant could obtain the certificate or improve accessibility.
Are you interested in the conditions for obtaining the certificate?

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