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    Nina Mujagic

    here we can write everything about experience of disabilities tourists or employers or anybody who encountered problems during his vacation.


    I think we are in a society with more and more intolerances and allergies. All food must be well labeled and marked with its list of ingredients and components.

    At a wedding that I went to, there were several people with intolerances, including a celiac. He could not enjoy some dishes because no one informed him that those dishes did not contain gluten and that he could eat them. Imagine in the case that he had eaten a food that contains gluten and nobody informed him…

    To prevent, we must inform, so we can guarantee a good service and a better customer experience! 🙂


    In many cases we find hotels that say they have services for people with special needs, offering facilities in their rooms and other facilities, and then it really is not true or they are not well thought out depending on the disability.

    The correct information must be provided without deceiving the client and the service and facilities for all types of people who come must be improved. At the same time giving special training to the workers.


    Fully agree! Accessibility information is very important -at the heart of accessibility- for everyone. The issues raised above clearly highlight this and therefore why it is absolutely necessary for businesses to develop an Access Guide in order to provide objective, reliable and updated accessibility information to all the customers. This information is also very useful for the staff, to have a clear picture of the accessibility conditions of the business they are working for and therefore offer a better service to the customers.
    Pantou is the online directory od Accessible Tourism suppliers, developed by ENAT, where we provide an Access Statement/Guide template. See: https://pantou.org/access-statement

    rita costa

    Hello. My name is Rita Costa. I’m from Portugal. I have been working with people with disabilities from last 25 years in therapeutic programs in a non-profit organization. Three years ago, we started a training program for teens and young adults with disabilities to enrol them in a job. Now I´m building a program for accessible tourism in Azores (group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic) that belongs to Portugal.
    I would like to know what certifications exist in terms of accessible tourism and how to apply for those as a tourism industry? (to have a stamp for accessible tourism-like the stamp everybody has for clean and safe for COVID.
    Which institutions gives those certifications? How can anybody apply for those?
    How much does it cost?
    Thanks Rita

    Nina Mujagic

    Dear Rita, Could you please be a little more specific about your question? Premiki are the owners of the “disabled friendly” certificate, which is a product of the EU project Development of tourism offers for people with special needs at the same time, we are an employment center that employs people with special needs. Which means they don’t achieve 100% work results.

    Part of the “Disabled friendly” brand is the awarding of a certificate that can be obtained by all providers of tourist services or providers of activities and places for spending free time on the basis of fulfilling the criteria set forth below.
    To obtain the “Disabled Friendly” certificate, you must submit the appropriate application. In addition to general information about the applicant, the application contains the criteria necessary to obtain the certificate. When submitting an application, the applicant indicates which conditions he meets. The application is then reviewed by a three-member commission, consisting of an expert worker in the field of social affairs, a representative of workers in tourism and a representative of the disabled or persons with special needs. The commission determines whether the application is complete or whether additions are needed. Within 15 days after the complete submission of the application, a three-member commission checks the fulfillment of the criteria on the ground. Based on the fulfillment of the necessary number of criteria, the expert committee approves or rejects the acquisition of the certificate, and at the same time proposes changes with which the applicant could obtain the certificate or improve accessibility.
    Are you interested in the conditions for obtaining the certificate?

    rita costa

    Dear Nina Mujagic

    Thank you very much for your answer. I do not run any turistic facilty. I work currently in a non-profit association (AAMA-https://aama.org.pt/) that organizes adapted sports programs for people with disabilities. I am interested in this “disabled friendly”, because I am starting a part-time project in Azores (group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic belongs to Portugal), where I will try to improve in many ways accessible tourism for people with disabilities. I will give a presentation to people in Azores that run tourist business, so i would like, if possible, as much information as possible in this certificate. I would like to have your e-mail, if possible, so I could exchange information with you. my e-mail is ritacosta.aamaazores@gmail.com.

    I do not know if this forum will end in 28th February.

    I am very concern because i did the quizzes and I need the certification of this course and no one replies to the messages i send in the forum.

    Do you know who is in charge of the certificate for this course? Is there any e-mail address?

    I also send a message in the contact and had no reply at all.

    Angela Mele

    Dear Rita,
    my name is Angela Tendas Mele, co-founder of TO GreenerVibes.
    I mainly focus on inbound tourism but I am collaborating with a local COOP that works with disabled people . As many of them are children or teenagers and we’re constantly looking for new activities, I’d like to know a bit more about your project.
    Here is my email: info@greener-vibes.com or atendasmele@gmail.com

    Nina Mujagic

    Dear Rita,

    You can obtain the certificate of participation by visiting the link below once you have finished the self-assessment tests for the four Topics and provided feedback on the format and content of the MOOC.

    Link to download the certificate: https://divetour.eu/quizzes/mooc-certificate/

    best wishes,

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