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    Welcome to Divetour connectivist MOOC! It is a pleasure to have you on board. Feel free to use the different tools we made available to you to learn and to connect to your peers. It will be great if you like to leave a line here about yourself. Ok, I can start first. My name is Emiliano, I work for ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism, and I will be one of the moderators of the forum, trying to be your facilitator in case of doubts and questions. I write from Brussels, where I live, and I am particularly trying to type here from the METRO (the underground)! 😂 I will be happy to know about you! Welcome again

    Maria Stella Minuti

    Good morning and welcome to the MOOC! I would like to introduce myself too, although you should have already seen me in the MOOC presentation video 😊: I’m Maria Stella Minuti and I work at Incipit Consulting, one of the Italian partners of the project.
    I’m also one of the forum moderators and look forward to knowing about you and your thoughts on the course topics. Enjoy your MOOCs, everyone!


    Good Morning from Barcelona and welcome to the DIVETOUR MOOC!
    I’m Cristina Fernández from ESHOB, the Spanish partner of the Divetour Project.
    It is a privilege to be able to be part of this project on the accessibility of tourism and to be able to learn together about this topic.
    This month we have prepared a totally free online training sessions for you to learn while you play, on how to improve the accessibility experience for all kinds of people in the tourism sector.
    We hope you enjoy and remember, any questions we are here to help you.
    Thank you very much and have a good MOOC! 🙂

    Natallia Barysenka

    Hello everybody! It is a pleasure to meet people I already know and find new colleagues here 🙂 My name is Natallia Barysenka, I am from Belarus. I work for the Belarusian State University and teach our students how to make tourism and events more accessible for all.


    Hello all, happy to exchange on some of the topic developed in this MOOC. My name is Marine THIZON. I’m based in Brussels, Belgium and work for the association representing the hospitality industry in Europe (Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés).


    Hello all, happy to exchange on some of the topic developed in this MOOC. My name is Marine THIZON. I’m based in Brussels, Belgium and work for the association representing the hospitality industry in Europe (Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés).


    Dear Natallia, it is a pleasure to have you here in the course. Please let us know what you think about this MOOC so far, and if you want you can add your thoughts about the first Module in the dedicated section of the Forum. There is also a section on the 360 videos we have prepared for you. It could be great to have your feedback aswell.

    Ivor Ambrose

    Hi Natallia, I am very happy to see you here! I hope everything is going well for you. Perhaps there are some students at your university following the MOOC? There is always the possibility to share “good practices” in tourism services, here in the MOOC. I hope you find it useful! We keep in touch.


    Hello, nice to meet you all! My name is Carolina, I´m a licensed guide in Barcelona and Catalonia. I run a website with 2 more colleagues and we want to give the best service to our clients, so we want to keep improving our tours. That´s why I signed in for this training. Thank you so much!



    Great to meet you Carolina! Have fun with the MOOC and feel free to use the formu to raise questions on the topics and or share experiences with your peers. Hope to meet you during the webinar tomorrow Friday 27 at 10:00 CET!


    Hallo, my name is Carla Sabatini, I was a teacher of tourism in a vocational high school in Rome and now I am retired, but I am still interested in the tourism sector. I wrote three school books about accessible and sustainable tourism and now I am writing another work on the same topic. I take part in this course because I think I have always something to learn. Many greetings to all of you I had the pleasure to meet in Perugia last year.


    Dear Carla, it is a pleasure to have you here, as you will see there are participants with different backgrounds and expectations, but we are all interested in understanding the present challenges of our sector while considering accessibility and inclusion keys to the regeneration of tourism. I invite you and your peers to make connections and participate actively to the forum topics, and you have the chance to meet the partnership during the first webinar, Friday 27th of January 10:00 to 11:00 CET: https://eshob.zoom.us/j/97059269701

    Maria Stella Minuti

    Dear Carla! It’s really a pleasure to meet you againg and I’m very happy you decided to participate in DIVETOUR MOOC. I hope you’ll enjoy it and find it useful. Hope to see you soon in the upcomunig webinar.

    Angela Mele

    Hi everyone, my name is Angela Tendas Mele, founder of GreenerVibes online tour operator.
    GreenerVibes aims to provide sustainable and dynamic tours and experiences in Italy.
    With regards to accessibility, we started to arrange tailor-made tours for groups of disabled people but our goal is to make these tours available for everyone on our platform.
    Thanks for arranging this course and providing all these useful info and material.


    Thank you very much Angela for your message! Your activity and experience give us the chance to explore the strong ties between what we call “sustainability” and “inclusion”! It could be interesting to talk together here, also for our peers participants, about why accessibility is sustainable, and how both concepts are not only a possible offer of tourism like others, but they are at the core of a new regenerative tourism, which is more in line with the expectations of tourists and communities, and probably also a new business model.VISITFLANDERS has written a great Memorandum on that, you find it in our list of recommended document, it is called “Travel to Tomorrow”! The floor is yours now, dear participants!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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